Dear Parents,

Happy Friday!  As I announced to the students yesterday, the class will be writing a Science test on Chapter 7: Extreme Environments.  The test date is Thursday, November 19th and will include fill in the blank, matching and multiple choice questions as well as a few short answer questions (two to three sentences).  This test will count toward the students’ term one Science mark.

The students have already begun making flash cards of key terms (p. 224 in the BC Science 6 text).  If you would like to help quiz your child, please see his or her homework folder and look for a binder ring with a stack of construction paper cards on it.  I asked the students to write the key term on one side and definition on the other side of each card.

Students have also begun working on their study guide for the test (p. 223-225 in the BC Science 6 text).  Yesterday, I assigned only p. 223 (a-j) but we will complete the entire guide by the time the test date comes.

I will ask all students to take home their text books and flash cards each evening between now and the test date.  I would like them to bring these materials back to school each day because I will be giving class time for individual, partner and group study sessions.

Thank you in advance for helping your child study and prepare!


Mrs. A. Withers