Dear Grade Six Parents,

I am writing to let you know that my maternity leave will officially begin on December 2, 2015.  December 1st will be my last day with the class.  It is with mixed emotions that I take my leave.  One one hand I am excited to take some time to prepare for our baby’s arrival and to get some much needed rest, and on the other hand I am sad to leave the class and to let go of everything I have started in Grade Six this year.  I know this time will be one of mixed feelings for the students as well but please rest assured that the school will do everything possible to make the transition a positive one.  The class is fortunate to have five regular educational assistants who work in the class who will help ensure continuity.

Mr. Gerard Whelan will be my replacement for the bulk of my maternity leave  but because is currently teaching at St. Edmunds, he must fulfill his commitments to his current class until the Christmas break.  As a result, he will be taking over my class as of January 2016.  In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that Mr. Todd Rogers will be taking my place in the interim.   As you know, Mr. Rogers is a well-trusted and well-loved substitute teacher and the students will be in excellent hands.  We have already been in communication regarding what the class is working on and he has assured me that he will do his utmost to help make this transition a smooth one for the students.

In anticipation of his start in January, Mr. Whelan has agreed to come to our class on November 30th and December 1st to shadow me and learn our daily routines.  The students will have the chance to meet and get to know him on these two days and I will be able to sit down with him to give him the important information he needs to know about our class.

I want to thank you for your support and kindness in this first term.  It has been an honour and a pleasure to teach your children and I will always remember them!  I look forward to visiting the class in the new year to introduce them to the newest addition to the Withers family.  Your prayers for a safe and healthy delivery are much appreciated!




Andrea Withers