You may have noticed the traditional EduPac School Supply Order Forms did not go out for the upcoming school year.  St. Joe’s is trying a new cost savings system of ordering all school supplies in bulk, rather than the traditional customized order system which has shown to involve wasted packaging and extra family costs for supplies that students may already have.

All basic school supplies (duotangs, crayons, markers, notebooks, pencils, erasers, paper, highlighters, etc) are included in the new bulk orders.   Students can buy or re-use their previous year’s pencil box.

The cost for the Kindergarten to Grade 4 bulk orders will be $22 per student.

The cost for the Grade 4 to Grade 7 bulk orders will be $33 per student.

All supplies will be ready for use when the new school year begins.  School families will receive an invoice on the first day of classes and payment will be due by September 30, 2019.