I wanted to do a check-in with our St. Joe’s families to share additional information, limited as it is at this point, as it is now the end of the first week of Spring Break.

As a school, it is important that we move in lock-step with all other CISVA schools, and not act or react unilaterally.  A plan is being worked on by our Central Office and we should hear by early next week what the weeks beyond our Spring Break will look like.

For now, we know that our schools will not be considered closed after Spring Break ends.  Rather, in-class instruction for all students is suspended.   As previously shared, students will not be reporting to class and an alternate delivery to provide learning opportunities for our St. Joe’s students is in the works.  Our CISVA head office is currently working with the Ministry of Education to determine what March 30 onwards will look like. Everyone is asking for patience as these details are worked out.

I pray our school families are staying healthy and safe during these challenging times and are keeping the long view.  As I’ve shared with my staff, history will remember how we behave and treat our fellow people during these past two (and next few) weeks ahead.  Be kind and support all who need help, and by our many small acts of Christian kindness, may history reflect upon these times with pride.