Earlier last month we sent out a letter that gave school families an opportunity to contribute to our cancelled Walkathon fundraising if they had felt they were able.  We are pleased to note that over $6000 has been raised so far in E-Transfer Walkathon pledges.  Thank you to those who have been able to donate. We are closing our online Walkathon donations at 4pm on Wednesday, June 24.

If you are wishing to still donate before June 24,  the E-Transfer email is: stjw. administrator@rcav.org.
Please make your answer to the requested security question is: walkathon

Also –  a reminder that the chance to sign your child(ren) up for a year-end social day closes on Thursday, June 18.  This is an optional day from 9am-1pm where students are able to be with many of their classmates as well as with their clasroom teachers. Please refer to the blog sent out last week for details on how to sign up for a day.