On the afternoon of Friday, March 19, St. Joe’s received an email from Vancouver Coastal Health informing us that there had been a potential community-based exposure at St. Joe’s during the week prior to Spring Break.  Coastal Health has been in regular supportive contact with the family.  The school immediately sent out an update letter to all grade-specific families, as per exact VCH instructions, informing them to self-monitor until March 26.  Any families who might have been required do anything more than self-monitor for symptoms have been contacted directly by VCH.   Due to privacy reasons, the specific grade and family is not permitted to be published.

If you did not receive a call from VCH, there is no need to follow any special protocols, beyond the daily health checks for symptoms.  Please refer to the prior school blog for a copy of the daily health checklist.   Testing stations will only accept people who are experiencing COVID-related symptoms.

Please remember that, as we have shared in months prior, we are a community of support and compassion. This is not a time to try to point fingers or blame, as a community-based exposure of this sort can potentially happen to any school family.