With the rising COVID varient numbers, along with our wish to keep unnecesary adult exposure to a minimum, the school has decided to move the Parent Teacher Conferences to an online format.  We will be providing each grade with a specific Zoom link, and parents will use that link to virtually meet with their child(ren)’s teachers during their assigned time.  As we have done in the past, families with multiple childen will be assigned back-to-back slots.

The scheduled dates of April 21 (evening) and April 22 (day and evening) will remain unchanged.  Zoom meeting links will be emailed to you by the classroom teachers on April 20.   Students are asked to be present for all of the Grade 3-7 conferences.

If you have a special circumstance that a Zoom meeting is simply not possible, please email your child(ren)’s teacher directly so that an alternate arrangement can be made.