I hope our students experienced a positive start today to their school year.  Outside of the school, we had some expected, as well as a few unexpected hiccups in our morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up routine.  In St.  Joe’s spirit, we brushed the dust off and came up with some excellent tweaks to make tomorrow’s experience less …..eventful.  Please make sure all the following points are carefully read and applied:


* there will be 3 drop-off zones instead of 2

* the snaking system of going up each row prior to entering the drop-off zones will resume until traffic congestion on Williams Road reduces, which will likely occur over the coming days and weeks

* Please remain in your car during drop-off unless you have specific business in the school office



* There will be 3 pick-up zones instead of 2

* If you are choosing to use the pick-up zone, please ensure you have your child’s names and grades in a clearly marked front window sign (just like last year)

* If you are parking your car to pick up your children, PLEASE ONLY CROSS AT THE WHITE CROSSING LINE.  We had parents crossing at all points from the white line crossing line all the way to the end of the church parking lot, which was potentially dangerous with so many moving cars.

* Please ensure your children know in advance if you will be parking and walking to get them, or if you will be using the driving pick-up zone, so they can be actively looking for you in correct place.

* Feel free to arrive for pick-up ANYTIME between 3:00pm and 3:15pm. We need to spread the cars out this period of time to avoid the chaos of today.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s cooperation in making our pick-up and drop-off procedures run as smooth and safely as possible.  🙂