The following lessons and activities provide extension challenges for students of all elementary ages. Activities are organized by subject area and contain all information to complete a variety of fun projects.

Topics Title Grade/Age Level Concepts


6-12 years constellations
Earth Science  

How can I find out which trees are in my neighbourhood?

6-11 years plants; plant characteristics; taxonomy; classification
Chemistry How can I make my old pennies look like new? 6-11 years chemical reactions; oxidation; metals
Environmental Science | Life Science How do I construct a terrarium? 6-11 years transpiration; plants; ecology; water; evaporation; condensation; energy; plant needs
Science Build a jitterbug 6-12 years how electric circuit works
Outdoor Activity Family Scavenger Hunt 6-10 years
Math How tall will you be? Grades 4-8 Predict your adult height using today’s height.
Math What a zoo? Grades 4-8 Examine bar graphs that represent the same data but use different scales.