Dear Parents,

I am giving the students a few extra days to complete the good copies of their Hero Project paragraphs.  The completed project is due Monday, November 9th rather than this Friday.

As your child may have told you, I was absent on Wednesday due to illness. Since the students are getting back their rough drafts of their Hero Project paragraphs a day late, I will give them more time to look at my feedback and type their good copies.  Students should come to school on Monday morning with their paragraphs ready to glue onto their poster boards.

The students have already received their posters and have begun putting titles on them.  I am asking all students to leave their poster papers at school so they do not get damaged in transit, as has happened in past years.

One parent gave me feedback that my link to the project outline did not attach properly in my last blog.  I am inserting it as text at the end of this post.  Please note the updated due dates.

Thank you,

Mrs. Andrea Withers



My Hero Poster Project

Good copy of all paragraphs and pictures due: Monday, November 9, 2015 at 8:50 am

 Completed poster due: Monday, November 9, 2015 by 3:00 p.m.


Project Summary: Create a poster project which will teach the school about your hero.

  • Written Section 1: Why is your hero a good example of a global citizen?    

Rough Draft Due:  Thursday, October 22

Please include:

  • One or two detailed paragraphs
  • At least three “global citizen” characteristics which your hero has (see your pink sheet for examples)
  • For each of the characteristics you chose, describe two detailed reasons or give pieces of evidence to prove that he or she has each characteristic


  • Written Section 2: Your hero’s biography                                                                       

Rough Draft Due: Wednesday, October 28

Please include:

– one or two detailed paragraphs

– at least ten important life events  (Examples: Birth date and place birth place, childhood events, school and university (if applicable), marriage or religious orders, career achievements, death (if deceased))

– You may include other interesting events in the hero’s life  which are not mentioned above,


  • Written Section 3 Three interesting Facts

Rough Draft Due: Tuesday, October 27

Please note:

– May be in point form

– These must be in large font to grab your audience’s attention

– Hint:  Use the index card you created when you first read your folder on your hero


  • Written Section 4: Why your global citizen inspires you

Rough Draft Due: Tuesday, November 3

Please include:

  • Your personal reasons for choosing him or her as your hero
  • What you have in common with your hero
  • The ways in which your hero makes you want to live a better life and be a better person




  • Section 5: A picture of your Hero

Good Copy Due: Wednesday, November 4th

Please note:

  • This must be a large, full-colour photo or drawing of your hero’s face
  • You must glue the picture onto a construction paper background to give it a border


  • Section 6 : A title

Due: Thursday, November 5th

Please note:

  • The title must be your hero’s name. It must be centred at the top of your poster
  • Your printing must be large, neat and easy to read from a distance. You may use block or bubble letters.


  • All paragraph good copies must be completed and typed using the corrections I have made on your rough drafts.

Due: Monday, November 9th at 8:50 a.m.

-Glue your project’s parts onto your poster paper during class time on Monday, November 9th

– Note: You will not have time to work on or print your good copies in class on Monday!


Break your project in to pieces you can handle!


  1. Research your hero using the folder I gave you, online videos, websites, handouts and library books.
  2. Take notes in point form while reading, listening and viewing.
  3. Create a rough draft in your own words using the notes you have made.
  4. Edit your draft with input from your teacher and peers.
  5. Put the drafts of all your paragraphs into good copy. Keep all of your paragraphs in your homework folder.
  6. Add your hero’s picture to the centre of your poster board (mounted)
  7. Make a block letter title using your hero’s name.
  8. Carefully mount and glue all of your written work together onto one poster paper.
  9. Add your name and student number to the bottom right of your poster paper (front)