Fr. Pierre Ducharme , OFM Pastor
Sean O’Brien Chairperson/ CISVA Delegate  
Dean Saldanha Vice Chairperson/Secretary/Policy
Resina Becket Parent Participation
Ricardo Hernandez Uniforms
Nicola Thompson Fundraising
Monica Francisco Fundraising
Clayton Ablett Maintenance
Sabrina Chiu Treasurer/Tuition
TBD Community Relations & Parent Resources











Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm.

The general meeting is open to all parents to attend. If you wish to address the PEC at the meeting you are asked to contact the Chairperson at least one week prior. Minutes and reports from the meetings are posted on the Parent Board in the school foyer and on the website once they have been approved at the following months meeting. For example, September’s minutes will be posted after the October meeting.